Travelling Stock Route Western Australia

The Lange family is a fifth-generation farming family of Western Australia. The Travelling Stock Route that runs through the back section of Lange Estate was used by previous generations of the Lange family to move sheep used for wool production.


What are travelling stock routes?

The informal footprints of early European explorers, pastoralists, and settlers are regarded to be the genesis of the Travelling Stock Pathways (TSRs), a network of grazing routes and reserves spanning much of Western Australia.

Connecting Bridgetown and Mount Barker, the Travelling Stock Route travels through the Lange’s property to make use of two major watering holes along the way – vital to the welfare of the animals and their drovers who were making the long journey. 

In 1841, George Fletcher Moore was the first European to travel through the area of the TSR, and a plaque at the site commemorates this historical milestone.

The Lange Estate property has a rich history of First Nations Aboriginal Heritage and is home to a number of significant sites including an ancient ‘walkabout’ trail. The remains of an old stockman’s hut is also on the property.


Travelling Stock Route Western Australia
Image :- Travelling Stock Route Western Australia