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Lange Estate Wine | Fifth Generation

For five generations, the Lange Family has cultivated and farmed the rich landscapes of rural Western Australia, passing down a tradition deeply rooted in the heart of the Frankland River wine region. Kim and Chelsea, along with their children, carry forward this legacy that began in 1890 with William Douglas, the pioneer settler to Narnarup.

The Lange story unfolds with William Douglas, who in 1890 selected 300 acres of pristine land, marking the family’s pioneering spirit in agricultural endeavours. Among the first settlers in the region, William Douglas established the foundation for generations to come. His legacy includes a large stone house, 12 acres of cleared land, and diverse orchards boasting 650 apple trees, 90 cherry trees, and grapevines. In addition, he cultivated rich swamp land for potatoes and maintained livestock, including horses, cows, and cape barren geese.

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