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That is akward you need to login first - 

Invalid / User ID / Password Combination Entered.


Where: Login Screen.

Incorrect username or password (up to 3 incorrect tries) Organization or user ID doesn't exist.

  1. How to Proceed: Reenter accurate login details.
  2. There must be a numerical designation for the organisation (not a letter)
  3. The organisation's phone number must contain a valid Australian number.
  4. A letter must be the first character of the user ID (not a number)
  5. User ID may not include special characters
  6. Password length must be exactly eight characters
  7. The case of the password is crucial.
  8. Password may contain no repetition back to back characters
  9. Users who have been removed from the system will be unable to log in.


If you still have trouble logging in, please contact us at Lange Estate.