In the Frankland River wine region is located the Lange Estate, which is an agricultural operation run by a family. The Lange family has been cultivating land and farming in the countryside of Western Australia for five generations now.

Over the course of the past thirty years, this winery has matured into the role of a regional icon. In 2012, Wine & Spirits named Lange the Winery of the Year, and the company has a track record that spans decades of making wines that have received 90 points or more throughout the years.

In addition to this, the Lange family is well-known for being a forerunner in the expansion of tourism in the area and for their work as innovators in environmentally friendly agricultural methods.

The vineyard cultivates grapes for the production of Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Riesling wines. Every bottle of wine purchased from Lange Estate comes with the promise that it will provide the buyer with an exceptional tasting experience.

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